Construcciones Blanes

Case study: Terrace Extension

The problem

We bought a holiday home in the countryside of Pinoso that had a small terrace, we wanted to take advantage of the space inside and extend onto the terrace. We didn’t like the small windows facing the terrace as they didn’t give us good views of the outside.

The solution

The solution to getting more light inside the house and more usable space inside was extend the living space onto the terrace and fit patio doors from floor to ceiling again to give much more light and room inside the home. We now have a lovely view onto the countryside from the sitting room, making the inside of the house feel much larger and lighter.


Blanes were very efficient and did the work very quickly, as we were living in the house at the time the work took place, they used plastic sheets to help reduce the amount of dust coming into the rest of the house. They removed the old terrace very carefully so that some of the materials could be reused (pillars etc.) in other areas of the house. They built the outside walls, fitted the windows and door frames and then made good the rest of the work.


In total the work took 5 weeks with two builders working and we are very happy with the work, we have plans to use Blanes in the future to do more work when we decide whether to move permanently to Spain.



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