Construcciones Blanes

Case studies

Electric, Plumbing, Tiling, New Roof Beams Case study

Jan and Renate bought this very large empty property with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast guest house. At the time, the property had no electricity and a lacked plumbing. The couple did not know what the regulations were for owners of small hotels; so, they were keen to find out what needed to be done and how the changes could be made to make their property legal.

This was the first time that either Construcciones Blanes or Jan and Renate had created a commercial bed and breakfast, so everyone learned a great deal from this project. The building was well built, the floors were solid, and the rooms were constructed well, so the main problems were the total lack of plumbing and the fact that the whole building needed to be re-wired for electricity.

One of the quirks of the house was that it had two owners – the front door had two locks, each owner had a key to one of the locks, however the front door (either side of it) opens into the same hallway – only in Spain!

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Terrace Extension Case study

We bought a holiday home in the countryside of Pinoso that had a small terrace, we wanted to take advantage of the space inside and extend onto the terrace. We didn’t like the small windows facing the terrace as they didn’t give us good views of the outside.

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Total House Renovation Case study

We were looking to buy a property in Pinoso as we wanted to move inland and away from the coast of Mazarron. We wanted to live in a more Spanish area and were introduced to this property by Karen, Brenda and Maggie from Country Fincas. At the time, however, the house needed complete renovation and modernisation; we decided to buy it in November 2017 and we agreed with Jesus to start work in mid-February 2018 with an ambitious plan to move in on the 1st June 2018!

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Summer Kitchen, Dining Area, and Courtyard Case study

We wanted to be able to spend more time outside taking advantage of the weather and enjoying our garden. Part of our land had a walled gravel drive and an old pétanque area and we felt we could make better use of this area by converting it to a summer kitchen, dining area and courtyard.

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Whole House Renovation & Modernisation Case study

We bought two old houses next to each other, each with separate utilities. They had not been lived in for over 15 years, and were unsafe and totally dilapidated. Our aim was to make one modern house from the two houses have some outside space with a pool with BBQ area. It was our intention to eventually move to this house, so we wanted to make sure that we made all of the right decisions, but it needed to be within a certain budget.

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Fix and Raise Roof Case study

After purchasing an old property needing complete renovation in Pinoso, the owners wanted to repair large holes in the roof in order to prevent the property from becoming more damaged due to rainfall entering the building. There was also evidence of some movement in the walls and several of the upstairs rooms had ceilings that were so low you could not use most of this space. The new owners wanted to renovate the house over a period of time, but first needed to ensure that it was safe and watertight before starting the renovation work.

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