Construcciones Blanes

Case study: Electric, Plumbing, Tiling, New Roof Beams

The problem

Jan and Renate bought this very large empty property with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast guest house. At the time, the property had no electricity and a lacked plumbing. The couple did not know what the regulations were for owners of small hotels; so, they were keen to find out what needed to be done and how the changes could be made to make their property legal.

This was the first time that either Construcciones Blanes or Jan and Renate had created a commercial bed and breakfast, so everyone learned a great deal from this project. The building was well built, the floors were solid, and the rooms were constructed well, so the main problems were the total lack of plumbing and the fact that the whole building needed to be re-wired for electricity.

One of the quirks of the house was that it had two owners – the front door had two locks, each owner had a key to one of the locks, however the front door (either side of it) opens into the same hallway – only in Spain!

The solution

Although they had our own architect, Jan and Renate and wanted to hire a company that would work well together with both the architect and themselves – they found that Construcciones Blanes were the perfect match for them.

The property had only one bathroom and they needed to create 5 ensuite bathrooms, install all the relevant plumbing and re-wire the entire house. Working with Construcciones Blanes and their own architect, a plan was created for this and the team reviewed the construction of the house and found several beams needed to be replaced on part of the roof because the old ones were rotten.

This work was added to the plan and drawings were created and reviewed.


Construcciones Blanes dedicated two craftsmen (Paco and Pepe) to undertake the work, which was completed on time and in only 8 weeks – a real achievement considering that there were several bank holidays during that time as it was Christmas! Paco and Pepe worked alongside Jan and Renate who were also trying hard to ensure that everything was completed to allow them to open their bed and breakfast as soon as they possibly could. Renate commented on how easy it was working with Construcciones Blanes, “they were very happy, polite and arrived perfectly on time every day”.


Renate said; “…it was important for us that the energy from the workers was good, particularly we found that Blanes were very positive in their work, we spent two whole months working with them hand in hand and it really was a pleasure”.

Communication is always important and worked very well in this project. If there was a problem or something needed to be clarified, Jesus Blanes Blanes, the company owner, was always contactable to ask questions and clarify things which was very reassuring. The work was done on time and to budget, despite the time of year and was completed to a high standard.



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